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June 12th, 2010 | By Phil

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June 12th, 2010 | By Phil



Your Masterpiece

June 12th, 2010 | By Phil

I’ve been putting off writing this one, probably because I knew it would be near impossible to describe the event that was our album release concert for Ashmont Hill’s sophmore album, “Your Masterpiece.”

We definitely pulled out all of the stops on this one, or should I say our amazing record label Axiom Records did. We figured we should take advantage of what we were going to do and not only have a concert, but do a DVD and Audio recording as well, that way we can use the footage in many different ways. It’s something that we always wished we could have done for the first album. The idea to do all 13 tracks was mostly because we love EVERY SINGLE song so much, we literally couldn’t think of what song NOT to do. Also, we heard that Gungor did that at their recent release concert and we thought that was SUCH a cool idea! Not to mention that we pretty much LOVE Gungor.

So of course we used Jubilee our home church, we had the stage extended, took the band out of the pit and put them on the stage with us, a lighting company, a camera company, and 2 photographers. We got T-shirts and pictures done, and pretty much worked our tails off rehearsing and getting ready for this event. NO ONE did more work than Phil, so I must take some time to commend all of the hard work he does for us. The 4 of us are constantly having meetings and telling him to give us some of the million things he has to do, he’s one of those people who doesn’t often ask for help so we kind of have to make him :) . But he does an AMAZING job and we love him… :)

We got the word out all over Boston and Massachusetts, had incredible people who put together street teams and made flyers. The stage was set, hair & makeup and wardrobe done, we all gathered with the musicians, Mom and Dad, and prayed for God to come, to move, to have his way in us and in what we were about to do.

And He did. The concert was an amazing success. The BEST part was that because we sold the CD in church 5 days before, SO MANY of the people knew every single song. Probably the best was “I Want to see You” when everyone in the place was jumping and crying out “I want to see you, I want to know you, your heart, your face, reveal to me, through all my days, show me your ways.” The entire place jumped so much that we literally thought that the floor was going to cave in. Or “All to Bring You Glory” where in the end we all fell to our knees and sang “It’s all for You”…over and over… God came in and made it a genuine worship experience that we will NEVER forget. I wish we could do it again! :)

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